40+2M/132+6.6FT Greenhouse Irrigation Hose, 154Pcs Garden Watering System Micro Drip Irrigation Kit with 4-Types Nozzles & 4×6-Way Connector & 1/4″ Tubing Valve, Auto Plant Watering Device for Outdoor


About this item 【A Complete Drip Irrigation Kit with Thoughtful Improvements】Water all your plants at one time with 40M + 2M hose tubing. High-quality PVC explosion-proof design irrigation tubing applicable water pressure under 3 Bar/43.5 psi. The new design 4×6-Way CONNECTOR can divide the water up to 12 tributaries, effectively increases the water pressure, perfectly solves the problem of lack of water or blocking at the end of the water. And 1/4″ tubing valve can individually adjust for each pipe and branch. 【Innovative 4-in-1 Drip Irrigation System】Equipped with 15 Mist Nozzles, 10 Drippers, 5 Atomizing Tip Nozzles and 3 G-type micro sprinklers (360 degree rotation, it can cover 19-21 inch circle at most), it can water your lawn more effectively. Every 360° rotating water spray nozzle except G-type could be adjust individually according to its setting and needs. Simply turn the drip irrigation head counter-clockwise to increase the drip flow,or turn the drip head clockwise to decrease the flow. 【More Water Saving & Time Saving】Garden drip irrigation system kit contains all parts from connecting faucet to garden hose and sprinkler start. With nozzles and shunt connector, all plants receive an even and proper watering, saving up to 80% of water compared to conventional watering. Whether it’s root drip irrigation or plant top drip irrigation, it does a great job and it make watering more fun and efficient. A convenient & practical gift for busy farmers, garden lovers, and Father’s Day. 【Simple installation】No need for digging or plumbing skills, just cut the hose, connect the nozzle or dripper with the connector, turn on the faucet to automatically irrigate. Adjustable droppers with detailed user manual with picture make DIY easier. This kit includes one threaded tap connection (for 1/2 “and 3/4” threaded taps) and the other universal faucet connector for unthreaded faucets.TIPS: Soaking the end of the tubing in hot water for a minute before pushing the fittings on. 【Wide Applications】Automatic irrigation kit is great for atomization, lawn irrigation, patios, gardens, vegetable irrigation, roof cooling, irrigation ,agriculture, vegetable, greenhouse, flower bed, swimming pool misting fog cooling irrigation etc.Effective external cooling and real atomizing effect,which is suitable for trampoline use for summer fun. If there are frequent tube burst problems and dripper ejection, it is recommended to reduce your water pressure to make the product work better.

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Efficient & Ideal – GOTGELIF Micro Garden Irrigation System/DIY Plant Watering Kit/Automatic Atomizing Cooling Irrigation System

  • A green and lush vibrant garden is every patio owner’s dream! However, only a few people have the time or energy to water the plants alone and keep them growing. So why not use our simple yet complete drip kit?
  • Indoor and outdoor for summer fun. In hot summer, you can enjoy the natural cooling zone with drip irrigation system (reduce the temperature under the roof/parasol), and it can also be used for watering or spraying in gardens, greenhouses, bonsai, terraces, flower beds, potted plants, hanging baskets, hydroponics, vegetables, potted fruits, etc., which not only saves water , save time, and can cut off water in time, it is an ideal way to replace inefficient traditional watering methods.
  • Irrigation – In the garden, our drip irrigation kit can automatically water flowers or fruits and vegetables to ensure beautiful and long lasting flowers, or in your own orchard to ensure that every fruit is thriving and the receipt is different from the supermarket delicious . This is an easy and convenient way to keep your garden green and healthy all season long.
  • Cooling – Provides different cooling methods and a cool mist when watering gardens or lowering roof/parasol temperatures. Don’t worry about the summer heat, you can play outdoors with your kids.
  • Decoration – At the pool event party/outdoor trampoline, the misting nozzles in the drip irrigation system can not only add to the effect of the party, but also bring coolness.


360° G Sprinkler (Orange Black)

  • The water volume is 60L/H and relatively small spray, non-adjustable. It can spray the surrounding plants 360° with a wide range (maximum coverage of 19-21 inch circle), and the spraying force is soft.
  • Directly inserted in the soil, suitable for large-scale irrigation of large vegetable gardens or multiple plants.

Adjustable Atomizing Tip Nozzle (Orange-Gray)

  • Adjustable (0-8 inch), the spray shape is like a lotus leaf and softer, more concentrated and even spraying. It can be adjusted by rotating the cover for small, medium and large water volume. The larger the water volume, the wider the spray range.
  • Simple and stable, directly inserted into the soil, suitable for close spraying of ground plants, such as flower beds, greenhouses, vegetable gardens, flower pots, etc.

8-hole Adjustable Dripper (Green)

  • 8 holes, each hole sprays water in the shape of a water column, relatively scattered spraying range (the maximum can form a circle of 10 to 12 inches) and medium spraying force(1-70L/H). It can be adjusted by rotating the cover for small, medium and large water volume. The larger the water volume, the wider the spray range.
  • Suitable for slow watering of plant roots.

Adjustable Mist Nozzle(Dark Green)

  • By adjusting, it can spray fine water mist or fine water column, which gradually expands from the middle to both sides, the spraying range is more concentrated (spray radius: 0.7-0.9m/2.30-2.95f).
  • Suitable for atomization at the height of plants, like garden/greenhouse sprinkler irrigation, cooling in summer, etc.




Thoughtful Design Improvements

Individually Adjustable Valve

Wide Range of Applications




UV Resistant Material

High-quality PVC Pipe

Simple installation



Package Contains:

  • 1 x 1/4″ PVC Tube 40m/132f, 1 x Transparent Pipe 2m/6.56ft
  • 1 x 1/2″ Threaded Faucet Connector, 1 x 3/4″ Threaded Faucet Connector, 1x Universal Faucet Connector, 3 x 4×6-way Connector
  • 3 x 360° G-type Sprinkler, 5 x Adjustable Atomizing Tip Nozzle(Orange), 10 x 8-hole Adjustable Dripper(Green), 15 x Mist Nozzle(Dark Green),
  • 10 x Lawn Sprinkler Stake, 15 x Flat Tee Connector, 3 x 1/4″ Tubing Valve, 10 x 1/4″ Hose Connector, 10 x 1/4″ Single Barbed
  • 20 x 1/4″ 3-way Tee Connector, 10 x 1/4″ Single End Closure,1 x End Closure
  • 20 x Nylon Tape, 1 x Teflon Tape
  • 10 x Plant Label, 1 x Instruction Manual


  1. If you find missing accessories, please tell us. We will solve it for you immediately.
  2. Before installing it, place the end of the pipe in hot water and heating it with hot water for a minute will help soften the pipe, making the connection stronger and preventing leaks or blowouts.
  3. To balance the water pressure, the closer to the faucet, the sprinkler should be adjusted to a smaller flow of water.
  4. When installing a garden irrigation system, it is recommended to use a garden faucet, which can be connected to the faucet at a long distance to ensure the water flowing out of the water pipe. It is not recommended to use the faucets in the bathroom and kitchen to connect the hoses
  5. The water output from the dropper is affected by factors such as water pressure. When the water pressure is low, the final water outlet performance is poor. It is recommended to use multiple pipes at the same time. Each pipe is connected to a certain number of drippers according to the actual water pressure.




163PCS Micro Drip Irrigation Kit

4-IN-1 Soil Test Kit

Butterfly Solar Wind Chimes

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Price £17.99

Package Contains 163PCS Micro Drip Irrigation Kit with 40M Irrigation Pipe 1 x 4-IN-1 Soil Test Kit 20 x Labels 1 x Butterfly wind chimes with LED lights and 4 aluminum tubes
Product Usage Garden Irrigation, Yard Atomization, Plant Drip Irrigation, Outdoor Cooling, etc. It can test soil’s Moisture, pH, Light and Temperature! Ideal for gardens, night party, outdoor barbecues, candlelight dinners, and decoration for events, adding unique dazzling beauty and romance.
Features Complete kit & Multifunctional Simple & Convenient Usage Solar powered, P65 waterproof & durable.

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