Jamieson Brothers 2kg Desiree Seed Potatoes – JBA Maincrop Grow Your Own Spuds – for Chips, Mashing & Boiling – Scottish-Grown & Ready to Plant at Home in Gardens, Patios, in Pots & Allotments


DESIREE MAINCROP SEED POTATOES (2kg): Desiree is a hardy potato variety which withstands periods of drought extremely well – great for growing in dry environments. A versatile maincrop (bigger potatoes that take longer to mature), Desiree potatoes can be grown in July – September, with traditional potato planting time being March – April, which also suits Desiree potatoes. Harvest after 15 – 22 weeks for best results. This variety also has good resistance to potato virus Y and powdery scab. PERFECT FOR MASHING, BOILING & MAKING ROAST POTATOES: Potatoes are a wonderful staple in our diets, but the variety really does make all the difference. The Desiree potato is a red-skinned maincrop with a pale, yellow flesh. The firm cooked texture makes it an easy favourite for mash or roast potato lovers or for creating French fries, wedges and chips. EASY TO PLANT: Plant in gardens, allotments or in open fields. When planting, set your tubers 10 inches apart so they have space to grow; for planting indoors, put 3 tubers in a 45-litre planting bag. Maincrop varieties benefit from a nitrogenous fertiliser when you dig them up for the second time. Choose soil which has not been used to grow garlic, onions, shallots or leeks for at least two years. The soil should be well drained and not have been manured for at least one year. SEED POTATOES FROM THE SEED POTATO EXPERTS: Before planting your seed potatoes, we recommend “chitting” – allowing the potatoes to sprout – 6 weeks beforehand. Once your tubers have started to sprout, they are ready to be planted ahead of a delicious harvest. Keep your seed potatoes out of extreme weather conditions and temperature changes prior to planting to ensure strong potatoes. Dunk each tuber in water prior to planting. FROM THE GROUND UPWARDS – SEED POTATOES GROWN IN SCOTLAND SINCE 1895: Jamieson Brothers were established in 1895 where we began selling our potatoes in 50kg bags on a horse and cart. Our seed potatoes are UK grown and still hand sorted in Scotland. From seed to plate, Jamieson Brothers sees the seed potatoes through the entire harvest. We ship to your doorstep so you can enjoy growing seed potatoes in your home, allotment, or farm.

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Grown and harvested from the earth in Scotland

Our seed potatoes are carefully monitored in the ground and grown in Scottish soil. Then, on site, we hand-select for quality control the best tubers to plant.

Cultivated by THE potato experts

Jamieson Brothers have the biggest variety of potatoes internationally and we also stock different quantities of our tubers.

The right amount for your needs

After harvesting our tubers at HQ in Annan, Scotland, we sell in bags of 8 to 10 tubers, as well as 2kg and 20kg. We also have a range of products to help making your potato growing that much easier such as fertilizer, compost and planting bags.




Each potato should be 35cm from the next, with rows spaced 70cm apart. Always make sure the eyes are facing upwards. Holes should be 15cm deep.


  • First Earlies: Harvest July – end of August. We recommend that you eat these potatoes fresh. Boil and eat as new potatoes for that extra fresh taste. Storing first earlies not recommended.
  • Second Earlies: Harvest August – September. Dig up mature potatoes and use fresh. These can also be stored in a cool, dry and dark location like a maincrop.
  • Maincrop: Harvest September – end of October. Dig up mature potatoes and store them in a cool, dry and dark location. Potatoes can be stored for several months.

Grown from cultivated stock.

Jamieson Brothers: Potato Planting Top Tips

  • When harvesting, remove all foliage and small potatoes from the soil and discard, to avoid diseases on next year’s crop
  • Plant as soon as possible after purchase (dependent on soil temperature)
  • Keep in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place until planting
  • Keep free from frost as potatoes and their foliage are perishable
  • Water well in dry spells
  • Jamieson Brothers seed potatoes are also ideal for gardeners with limited outdoor space. Simply use a planting bag to grow these in your garden or patio.




Good quality potatoes well cared for

We love good quality potatoes that are grown well-cared for in Britain. We grow your seed potatoes in Scotland in soil, then hand-pick them and package so they are ready for you to plant.

We sell 50+ varieties of potatoes

We have the classic popular potatoes as well as some of the more rare, traditional varieties. We stock Pentland Javelin, Rocket, Charlotte, Kestrel, Maris Peer, Nicola, King Edward, Desiree, Picasso and more.

Conservation Farming

Due to the wonderful and versatile uses of all types of potatoes both new and old, JBA grows many unique heritage varieties. These are produced from mini-tubers in order to protect the many special varieties you can find of potatoes through sustainable farming.

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JBA 10 Tuber Seed Potatoes

JBA 60l Potato Compost

JBA 2kg Seed Potatoes (First Earlies)

JBA Potato Planting Bags (10 pack)

JBA 20kg Potato Fertilizer

JBA 2kg Seed Potatoes (2nd Earlies)

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Can you use at home in pots, on patios, in gardens, fields or allotments?

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